Hearty Dental Care Centre

Location 地點

Possession Point, Sheung Wan, HK
香港 上環 水坑口

Client 客戶

Hearty Dental 同心牙科中心

Completed Date 完成日期
February 2019

Category 類別

Hospitality 服務業

Nature 性質

Visual Identity+Interior Design+Contracting
視覺識別 + 室內設計 + 工程

Area 面積 

600 ft2

While some people are intuitively afraid of seeing dentists, 5DS design team believes that a good clinic environment is able to let patients feel relieved when doing dental treatments. The design principle of this project Hearty Dental Care Centre is to offer a warm and friendly environment to patients, unlike other clinics looking too formal and serious.


The whole clinic is divided into 2 areas with different atmosphere by making use of the psychological effect of colour schemes. A warm colour scheme giving a peaceful and friendly ambience is used in the waiting area that closes to the entrance, meanwhile blue and green chairs create a focal point as well as add a lively feel in its interiors. Inside is the examination room that walls and cupboards are painted in white colour to create a formal, professional and hygienic environment with a brown chair to give patients a calm feeling. By integrating clean lines and modern simple style into the clinic, it presents a trustworthy and high-end image.