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Location 地點
On Hing Building, Central, HK
香港 中環 安慶大廈

Client 客戶
Zerve Group

Category 類別
Hospitality 服務業

Nature 性質
Interior Design + Contracting
室內設計 + 工程

Area 面積 
4,000 ft2

Traditional Japanese interior design has a unique artistic derived by the cultures in Edo period, which commonly uses wood as the main element, as well as perfectly balances both aesthetic and functional purposes. To bring the classy and old Japanese traditions to moderncity, 5DS design team demonstrates a perfect example in Tenkei Izakaya by creatively integrates traditional symbols into its stylish interiors.

The prelude to the Edo-themed Izakaya is a “time tunnel” which is simulated by a spacious, high-end, and modern corridor with curved wood ceilings and orange-red lightings. After walking through the “time tunnel", the first thing one notices is a blend of different old Japanese elements in the grand restaurant. Windows are decorated with a stripe pattern of hemp ropes which symbolize rice culture in ancient japan. The same array of wooden cuboids on the walls and ceilings are from the inspirations of Shoji. By combining all elements with the eye-catching painting of Geisha, an authentic Japanese interior is well-presented in the restaurant. 

The cleverest twist in this design is converting the restaurant to a night club in the night-time by using a changeable light setting and reflective squares on ceilings. By turning up the red light and combining with Japanese decorations in the bar, a special integration of ancient and contemporary style offers everybody an impressive night.



整個設計更巧妙地運用空間與燈光設定,令居酒屋於夜間變為別樹一格的日式Night Club。用餐區中央的餐桌會於晚上移走,天花電燈轉換成紅光,並配合閃爍的鱗片設計,轉化成光芒四射的舞池。吧枱天花運用傳統日式扇形設計,讓客人在電光下沉醉現代版東洋格調。


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