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Location 地點
Eslite, Spectrum Star House, TST, HK
香港 尖沙咀 星光行 誠品生活
Client 客戶

Category 類別
Hospitality 服務業

Nature 性質
Graphics + Interior Design + Contracting
圖像 + 室內設計 + 工程

Area 面積 
200 ft2

Although coloured contact lenses are more like a fashion item, people expect them to be not only good-looking, but also hygienic, high-tech and good fit in eyes. That’s why 5DS design team wishes to create a professional and stylish environment presenting its girly brand image in this contact lenses store, so that the store is able to give a trustworthy feeling to customers.


To integrate a girly and professional style, the design team mixes a white colour scheme representing purity and clean lines together to give a stylish and simple feel; and designs couples of light boards to present its feminine brand image. The whole space looks modern with effective highlights of the products to make customers believe this brand is able to let them to look more beautiful and confident.


Featured products are placed in the middle of the opened design to attract outside customer’s attentions, while other products are showed on sides near the walls with hidden storages placing under the products to make the whole space neat and tidy, and bring an increased functionality in its interiors.

儘管彩色隱形眼鏡只是純粹一種時尚配飾,不過人們對其專業上的設計要求不次於傳統眼鏡,期望產品設計衛生、高科技和適合眼部。因此在Becon 店舖設計上,5DS設計團隊除了考慮到其品牌形象,更希望呈現出一個專業與時尚的感覺,從而讓客人放心購買產品。






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