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The founding ethos of  5 Dimensions Studio  is akin to its namesake, the 5th dimension. Envisioning design as a subject beyond the traditional four dimensions and material objects, 5DS believes that true design transcends time and space, and is something that should fit into any fragment of any hierarchical space of dimension.

5DS is rooted in three key concepts of design - drawing roots from the reminiscence of mankind in the past, finding purpose in the fulfilment of the present, and always in pursuit of becoming future-proof. These three different conceptual planes are intertwined, taking its form in the creation of space, life and design to seamlessly integrate into the idea of human-centric blueprints.

Infusing the synergies of all five dimensions into our projects, including spatial planning, graphics, and construction, but also with a relentless passion focusing on humanized architectural aesthetics.

Base in Hong Kong, Johnny Wong, Issac Lam, Him Leung and Christopher Leung found the studio on their collective knowledge and unparalleled expertise in the fields of art, design, architecture and construction, to create spaces that improve the quality and comfort of lives through time.

Looking into the future, 5DS sees expansion beyond Hong Kong and Greater China, with the interest of bringing their one-of-a-kind viewpoints and designs to the rest of the world.

 伍工作室  的創立理念來自五維空間概念中時間空間一維及層次空間一維。以「伍」字為名,其背後意義包含三大設計元素;一為人類對過去的思憶;二是人從實踐現在中找尋到的意義;最後為對未來的追求。從而,透過以上三個互相貫連的空間觀,伍工作室將空間創作、生活及設計結合,無縫地融入以人為本的創作思想。從空間規劃、設計繪圖至建築,融入每個項目的不只是五個維度的互應,更是一股對於人性化建築美學不懈的熱情。




The Concept of the 5DS logo is based on our three ket concepts of design - drawing roots from the reminiscence of mankind in the past, finding purpose in the fulfilment of the present, and always in pursuit of becoming future-proof. Aesthetically, It is drafted with the Golden Ratio. It show the perfect balance with the thinness of every stroke, from and the size.





Christopher Leung

Design Director & Co-founder



For a number of years, Christopher Leung has dedicated his both career and academic research in the UK. He graduated from the Master degree of Architecture in Manchester School of Architecture, and the Bachelor degree of Arts (Architectural Studies) in Northumbria University. Meanwhile, he also worked in different international architecture firms handling residential, retail and commercial projects. Currently He is based in Hong Kong. 

His professional and international experience covers all project’s stages, including design, materials selections, delivery and management. Most importantly, he always shows his unbound creativity and knowledge across all kinds of projects. 

Christopher often takes nature as the source of inspiration. By adding natural elements and combining the ideas of ecology, his works are often uniquely creative and sync with the surroundings perfectly. While sustainability is always a concern in architecture, he believes that combining nature into architecture will lead us to achieve the goal of overcoming the environmental challenges nowadays.





Him Leung

Project Manager


梁禮謙於建築工程行業發展有十多年經驗,曾於各大發展商工作, 對工程質量有所追求,更成立驗樓工作室,為客戶驗收各種新舊樓宇。他結合多年經驗,發掘和研究科技對工程的幫助,並致力提高客戶在設計方案上的自由度及工程的可行性。



Him Leung has more than ten years of experience in construction industry.He has worked for major developers in Hong Kong.He also established a building inspection company to inspect various old and new building for customers. He combines years of experience to explore and research the help of technology provides in design and engineering, and is committed to increase the freedom of the customer in design and engineering feasibility.


Everyone has their own unique ideas about space, whether as a haven’s comfortable and tranquil home, an office that fights with comrades-in-arms, or a business place that emphasizes beauty and practicality, every projects are special and challenging. This is why it is very important to understand the customer, work with the designer, organize every project, achieve the customer’s vision, and maximize the plasticity of space. This is Him’s persistence for each design project.

In the future, 5DS will continue realize new designs for customers in various fields, bringing the design philosophy and works of 5DS to everyone.



Johnny Wong

Creative Director & Co-founder



Johnny Wong first began his design career working in different interior design studios, during which he worked on various projects. Known to be hands-on with projects he worked on, Johnny is known for his human-forward designs and creativity. Johnny strongly believes that architecture is fundamental to people’s daily lives, and has an inseverable connection to art, technology and environment. Inspired by Deconstructivism theory, his passion lies in creating unique spatial experiences through futuristic aesthetics and materials. Through the combination of new technology and art, his designs are geared to enhance the quality of life and culture for future generations. As the Creative Director of 5DS, Johnny uses an artistic perspective and sophisticated design concepts to present creative architectural solutions, and ultimately create distinctive spatial experiences across the globe.




Issac Lam

Project Director & Co-founder


Issac is the co-founder and project engineer, helmed with years of contracting experience on a wide range of industries. With a passion and focus on contracting project management, he bridges the gap between design and construction. Constantly curious and always learning from experience, he is knowledgable about building materials as well as the construction processes, making him a top-tier construction project manager. His passion and knowledge take 5DS’s vision into reality, delivering results that combine innovation and human design.


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