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Bob's Paradise

Location 地點
Elgin Street, Central, HK
香港 中環 伊利近街

Client 客戶

Category 類別
Hospitality 服務業

Nature 性質
Interior Design + Contracting
室內設計 + 工程

Area 面積 
1,000 ft2

Pretty sure, everyone will notice this eye-catching and blue-painted pets shop Bob’s Paradise when walking down SOHO district. A blue brick wall with a yellow-outlined front door is perfectly integrated into the street and catches everyone’s attention. With a colourful logo painted on the window and showing all the pet’s goods, it reminds pets lovers and their furry friends that this is a paradise where they can find all their needs.

Inside is filled with holidays moods as a cute Hawaii painting is decorated under the sky-blue ceilings. The cheerful and chilling environment allows pets lovers to chit-chat on the tables and wait for their pet’s treatments.

In case the pet’s owner is not waiting in the shop, their lovely pets will not get bored as they can look at outside from the front holes which is specially designed for those curious pets. No matter they are missing their human friends or just for curiosity, they are absolutely safe and comfortable to stay in this pet-friendly and cute place to wait for their friends.

在悠閒的SOHO區中,不難發現色彩斑爛的寵物店Bob’s Paradise,特大玻璃櫥窗由奪目的寶石藍色石屎牆襯托着,旁邊是帶着鮮艷黃色邊框的玻璃門,顏色物料交錯轉換,令人聯想起機靈活潑的小動物,同時讓店舖完美融入SOHO區的環境之中。




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