CGA eSports Stadium

Location 地點

MacPherson Stadium, Mongkok, HK

香港 旺角 麥花臣場館

Client 客戶

Cyber Games Arena

Completed Date 完成日期
February 2019

Category 類別

Hospitality 服務業

Nature 性質

Interior Design + Contracting

室內設計 + 工程

Area 面積 

20,000 ft2

To present a realistic virtual e-sports experience combining the reality and virtual world, the design team drew inspiration from the sci-fi movie Tron, as well as abstract expressionist Wassily Kandinsky's deconstructive aesthetics. 

A spectrum of design elements from the virtual and material world was used to transform the 25,000 sq.ft empty space into the high-end CGA e-sports stadium. From deconstructed geometrical shapes, projections and special lighting systems, significant attention is given to the impacts of lines and colours on human psychology.

Beyond the triangular entrance symbolizing CGA’s logo, is a mysterious dark space. With metallic space grey wall and fluorescent lighting system, the entrance area inspires a sense of unknown and futuristic exploration.

The enclosed E-Sports Arena has its design concept inspired by caged beasts. Further heightening the feelings of tension and excitement, the area displays collections of Jurassic Park-themed art pieces with powerful visuals and vibrant colours to stimulate players’ senses.

The Stage adopts an intelligent design that can enable flexible changes for mood, lighting, projection suited for different types of functions and events. Along with high-end international standard facilities, it ensures players can enjoy the same sensory experiences regardless of their position. Futuristic escalators also play a crucial role in delivering a consistent sci-fi feeling throughout the venue for the ultimate experience. As players travel from one area to another, the escalators’ design instils the feeling of space travel through dynamic lighting design.

With eights zones in total, the entire CGA E-Sports Stadium includes areas like single player rooms equipped with water-cooling game counsels, Hong Kong’s first female-oriented pink e-sports zone, a multi-player 4D virtual reality zone and an e-sports themed coffee shop. Each featuring an immersive and themed design, providing an unprecedented human experience in between the real and virtual world.

為能夠呈現虛擬電競遊戲體驗於現實世界,設計團隊從科幻電影《創戰記Tron》、未來派藝術及抽象表現主義畫家Wassily Kandinsky的解構美學中汲取靈感,主要目的是想呈現一次虛擬與現實結合而成的創作。





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