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CGA PUBG Stadium

Location 地點
Tseung Kwan O, HK
香港 將軍澳

Client 客戶
Cyber Games Arena

Category 類別
Arena 競技場

Nature 性質
Venue Design

Area 面積 
5,000 ft2

To get the champion In a PUBG esports competition, gamer’s high skills are basic things, while more important is that if they can keep concentrated to perform at their best in a live match. To make sure gamers can highly focus and have an incredibly exciting e-sports competition, 5DS design team created a brand new stadium by an unique layout and fascinating light setups.

In the 5000 sq. ft. CGA PUBG stadium, the entire area does not consist of audience seats so that the design concept is able to mainly focus on the competition itself and have space to execute many creative ideas. Erangel map placing on the floor is the highlight in this design. Team’s booths can position near the locations they like to drop, and it creates an interaction between gamers and the stage. As PUBG allows plenty of teams to join, team booths are set in the tiered system to fit 16 teams.

To create a fast paced and exciting atmosphere, a concentric layout with corresponding lighting design is used and complement each other perfectly. The circular shapes on the ceilings match the concentric layout and Its tiered setting also matches the layout of team booths. However, light boards surrounding team booths play a more obvious role in stimulating gamer’s nerves. As the competition’s pace turns faster, the arrows move faster as well to remind gamers it’s time to get serious.





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