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Chinese Mansion

Location 地點
Phase 1, Liyuan New World, Yunfu
雲浮 荔園新天地 一期

Client 客戶

Category 類別
Residential 住宅

Nature 性質
Interior Design 
Area 面積 
3,000 ft2

Inspired by the feature of ancient Chinese architecture, which has an exceptional emphasis of building arts and aesthetic implications, this project is presented in an artistic way that combines both traditional Chinese and contemporary cultures seamlessly by presenting their common features, including textures, layouts and aesthetic standards.


The blend of wooden and marble textures that is often used in both Chinese and modern style creates an elegant interior and keeps a consistent style in the whole building. Black, grey and white colours are mainly used with clean-lined designs to add a modern feeling as well as make the interiors look more formal. The elegance is presented in a calm and peaceful way, and not giving people a feeling of “showing off”. This feeling complies the unique pursuit of “ambience” in Chinese aesthetic concepts.


The whole building is divided by 3 storages and a basement. As the storage level gets higher, the design style turns gradually from traditional to modern. That means the storage on the first floor is the most traditional, so it is designed to be the living room and dining room to highlight the importance of “reuniting” and “gathering” in Chinese cultures. The ceilings and walls are inspired by the features of “Liang” and “Pillar” in ancient Chinese architectures. The checkered pattern on the ceilings symbolizes “Liang” and the round thick pillars next to the walls symbolizes Chinese “Pillar”. Furniture is placed neatly and give a balanced visual, that is also a feature Chinese put emphasis on. For the second and third floor, they are bedrooms with a contemporary style that is added with curved-line designs to create a modern atmosphere. Marble walls that give a traditional feeling are used on the second floor to highlight the fusion of Chinese and modern style. The third floor is the least traditional and the most modern, as it is decorated with couples of wooden textures to replace the marble textures in the second floor. This texture creates a comfortable feeling to match the emphasis of “lifestyles” of today’s interior design. The basement is completely different form the upstairs. Its elegance and luxurious feeling with a huge collection of delicate wine offer excellent secret place for people to enjoy their relaxing moments.





整個項目分為三層及地庫,當中一至三樓隨着樓層上升,其設計風格由傳統逐漸走向現代。換言之,一樓是最具中式傳統特色,此處被規劃成為凝聚親友的飯廳和客廳,是為了配合中國人重視「團聚」概念。天花與牆壁參考了古代建築的「樑」和「柱」設計,天花的四方格子象徵「樑」,牆壁的圓柱象徵「柱」。傢俱擺設四方八正,呈現出中式設計所追求的視覺平衝,同時劃分出鮮明的布區和帶來空間感。至於二樓和三樓均是睡房,設計較貼近當代概念,加入了流線型的元素以增添摩登和醒目的感覺。 二樓運用較多的雲石布置,來突顯半傳統半現代的融合;三樓則是最現代化,以淺色仿木來代替雲石,將和諧感覺更加突顯,營造舒服氣氛,呼應現代設計講求生活的特色。而地庫則是截然不同的空間,以高貴華麗的格調營造一個把酒暢飲的空間。


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