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Colour Palace

Location 地點
Pacific Place, Admiralty, HK
香港 金鐘 太古廣場

Client 客戶
Unicef + Ultimate Ears

Category 類別
Pavilion 展示館

Nature 性質
Design + Contracting
設計 + 工程

Area 面積 
800 ft2

Happiness was pure and simple in childhood. Even a random water pipe could trigger our imaginations, for example, using it as a toy to communication and just for saying “hi” to friends. When we all grow up, do we still remember that pureness while pursuing luxuries and prestige in a high-ended business centre? 

In the busy shopping mall with plenty of high-class shops, the installation art “Colour Palace” is uniquely outstanding and catch everyone’s attention due to its special shapes and colours. With the imaginations of 5DS design team, water pipes symbolize a direct and close communication, which is often forgotten and neglected in the society. 


Integrated with an inspiration of the Indian special day “Holi Festival”, which people conveying love messages by throwing coloured powder to each other, “Colour Palace” is painted with rainbow-like colours to remind us of love, peace, and equality, as well as build a lovely and colourful area for kids. 


As the installation is closely related to voice and communications, electronic speakers with different creative designs are placed on the soundproof cottons. The shape is designed to be a tree, which brings a lively and eternal meaning, so that people can look at the artworks and take rest in the shade of tree.

小時候一切都很簡單,遊樂場上一對傳聲的水管已足夠讓我們扮演成水手、上演一齣「海盜王」。5DS的設計總監Johnny Wong透過這種童年時純粹,以簡單的水管在高級商場的正中央,打造出一個充滿希望、天真爛漫的平等世界。

一棵由水管組成、五彩繽紛的「水管樹」在名店之間傲然挺立,其粗壯的樹幹塗上豐富多彩的顏色,令人聯想到來自「神秘國度」印度的侯麗節(Holi Festival),當地人為了慶祝春天、創造與復始,人們無分階級地將五顏六色的顏料灑到別人身上,意味着萬物在這棵大樹的護蔭之下,跨越種族與文化、不分你我。



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