Concept Micro Apartment

Location 地點

One Prestige, North Point, HK
香港 北角 尚譽

Client 客戶

Apple Daily

Completed Date 完成日期

December 2018

Category 類別

Residential 住宅

Nature 性質

Interior Design


Area 面積 

130 ft2

Even when you put all nice stuff into a spacious place with stylish decorations, it doesn’t mean this is a good interior design. Dead objects are always not the key of a design while the most important thing is how it caters your feeling. A good design is able to give you a warm and secured feeling, so that you can enjoy your daily life in a cosy environment.

This 130 sq. ft. rectangular shaped flat is only consisted of a living room, a small kitchen, a small bathroom and a window in a very limited floor space, but it is able to cater both human’s physical and mental needs. The design concept is similar to the point of “less is more” from minimalism. By using simple and tidy structures in the whole space, its simplicity makes you feel peaceful and calm due to the reduced clutters. To maximize the floor space, the design team cleverly installs the bed on the ceilings and dining table below the floor.

Lovely pets always bring happiness to a home. To make a cat-friendly space, cat’s platforms are installed on the ceilings and a cat column is also next to the cupboard. It is pretty sure that these cat features will make your furry friends enjoy living here and bring many fun moments to you.