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Connaught Garden

Location 地點
Connaught Garden, Sai Ying Pun, HK
香港 西營盤 干諾道西155

Client 客戶

Category 類別
Residential 住宅

Nature 性質
Interior Design + Contracting
室內設計 + 工程

Area 面積 
300 ft2

We love the sea. She brings us peace and comfort, and yet we keep destroying her for the sake of urban development. We realised the price of prosperity after we saw our harbour had already gone narrow and polluted. However, we still pound of this stunning harbour and always remind of her beauty. Inspired by this special feeling to the sea, 5DS design team created a chic interior under the theme of “City’s seaside house” in Sai Ying Pung, where is the area reclaimed by the sea.


This is a sea view apartment with only 300 sq. ft.. To highlight the feeling of the sea, various natural elements are added in the design. Blue fabrics are used in curtains and bed to symbolise the sea and bring the uniqueness of design. Concrete walls with textured appearance create an organic feeling as well as visually divides the interiors into different functional areas. A modern look integrates into these natural elements by adding clean line designs, such as the double-layered TV wall, checkered pattern on the glass wall and the clean layout of the cupboard. All these designs bring a natural modern environment to the interiors and give a cosy ambience for both work and rest.


To create a “seaside” atmosphere, effective sunlight absorption is the key to allow its interiors look like near the sea. That’s why the design is full of open space to let sufficient lights in. A large cupboard creates a functional working space with its creative design of combining working desk and storage together. The glass wall divides living room and bedroom without blocking any lights, so that the whole space looks delightful and bright. Although it’s only a 300 sq. ft small area, the homeowner can still feel the vastness of the sea.





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