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Fools  & Magician

Location 地點
16 Arbuthnot Road, Central, HK
香港 中環 亞畢諾道16號

Client 客戶

Category 類別
Hospitality 服務業

Nature 性質
Visual Identity+Interior Design+Contracting
視覺識別 + 室內設計 + 工程

Area 面積 
2000 ft2

Forests are always full of fantasy. 5DS designer team offers customers a unique experience of dining in a forest, which might be desolate or enchanted, and filled with secrets.


Imagine you are entering a real forest from the concrete jungle. You are surrounded by vintage and mysterious atmosphere. The local bar Fools and Magicians, is combined with both natural and contemporary elements. The ceilings are decorated with green leaves and modern light bulbs. The light penetrates through the leaves. Shiny but soft. Same as the sunlight in forests.


The bar is separated into the wine and dining area. The L-shape wine cabinet is the spotlight in the wine area. All the wine is proudly presented on the fancy cabinet. You can enjoy all those rich and delicate wine in this fantastic spot. To match the square decoration on the ceilings, there are metal frames hanging on the walls in the dining area. The environment is enchanted by a contrast of gloomy walls and vivid dining chairs. Customers can enjoy the wine and dine delightfully in both stylish and high-class vibes.

「森林」總是帶來幻想色彩,深山老林之中,神秘處處,時而寂靜幽暗,時而生機蓬勃。酒吧Fools and Magician以森林為主題,設計師帶客人走進這個秘密國度,從石屎森林進入「真。森林」,感受別有洞天。






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