Location 地點

QRE Plaza, Wan Chai, HK
香港 灣仔 QRE Plaza

Client 客戶


Completed Date 完成

August 2018

Category 類別

Hospitality 服務業

Nature 性質

Interior Design + Contracting

室內設計 + 工程

Area 面積 

3,000 ft2

Sunkissed beach, ravishing scenery and legendary culture - the Mediterranean Sea is a visual and sensational feast. To offer an authentically generous European experience, the design team creates a grand and fancy environment to bring people together and enjoy a high-quality meal.

The perfect atmosphere and great mood are created by the spacious arrangement and cosy environment with shiny gold lightings and silvery surfaces in the restaurant. Inspired by the natural scenery in the Mediterranean Sea, ceilings are decorated with a neat pattern of hemp ropes, which looks like a tent in small islands. Metal frames, wire mesh and iron chains combine pleasantly with chic wooden dining tables. It brings the uniqueness of Europe and reminds customers of the sea breeze in the Mediterranean Sea. 

Red wine is always must-have in Mediterranean dining tables. The design team places a fine wine cabinet to separate dining and bar area.  Delicate wines are well-presented on a hanging shelf in the bar and highlighted by warm light. This exquisite environment with nice cuisine offers customers a delicious Mediterranean experience.