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Philippines Game Centre

Location 地點
SM City Grand Central, Caloocan,Manil, Manila, Philippines

Client 客戶
Cyber Games Arena

Category 類別
Hospitality 服務業

Nature 性質
Interior Design

Area 面積 
10,000 ft2

The game centre is located in heart of the city and brings gamers an incredibly exciting experience with impressive visuals and perfect atmosphere. With a blend of black, red and mental fences throughout the place, a feeling of starting a serious fight comes to everyone’s mind.

To make the best use of its irregular diamond shape interior, the design team separates it into 3 parts to show different themes and functions. The middle part is the esports zone, which is the highlight of the whole place. The combination of bluish purple lightings and red elements in the area perfectly creates an energetic atmosphere for a game competition. All seats are placed around the middle LED monitors in order to create a focal point. With the high end facilities, see-through windows and metallic decorations, a futuristic feeling is added to enhance the whole environment. Next to the esports zone is another “sports” area, which actually means dancing zone. Many dancing machines are set on there to allow gamers to play real sports and move their body. Even though gamers don’t feel like dancing, they can also play on other game machines which is also on the same area.

The third part is the esports stage, which can be also turned into a presentation room as well, it is granted to clever design of changeable light setup. When it changes to white light, it gives a formal and modern style and suitable for professional presentation. When it comes to blue and red light on each side, that means a competitive game scene is expected to happen soon. 2 teams sit on the side of the screen and ready to start a serious performance in front of the audience.





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