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Po Chi Yum

Location 地點
57-59 Wyndham Street, Central, HK
香港 中環雲咸街57-59

Client 客戶

Category 類別
Hospitality 服務業

Nature 性質
Interior Design 

Area 面積 
1,000 ft2

While seniors often tell us the take a Chinese herbal tea when feeling sick, we may doubt if its really work. It’s unacceptably bitter and none of sugars but people still insist to believe this is the best. Why? There is a Chinese saying “good medicine taste bitter”. When something is bitter enough, it must good for you. If you overcome the bitterness, you will be success or at least be more mature. This Chinese herbal tea store presents this message from the design, which is inspired by old Hong Kong style, to remind us the beauty of our cultures.

It’s like going back to the old time when you enter the store. The blend of different colours complements each other perfectly to create a vintage style. The golden herbal tea containers are placed on an exquisite marble table and behind wall painted in greyish blue. According to Chinese philosophical concept, golden colour implies “gold” and blue means “water”; when gold and water combine, it gives a balance and rest function.

Another concept, “water produce wood”, which can be applied on the blue walls and the green pattern on another side. The green pattern represents “plants” and it gains “water” from the blue wall. That means the “plants” can grow healthily by the adding of water. When customers sit on the chairs next to those “plants”, they can take advantages from the “plants” and receive an auspicious blessing.





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