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Shi Zhong Xian

Location 地點
Mazhuang Xinguang Creative Town, Lirendong, Panyu District, Guangzhou
廣州 番禺區 里仁洞 馬莊 新光創意小鎮

Client 客戶

Category 類別
Hospitality 服務業

Nature 性質
Interior Design + Management
室內設計 + 管理 

Area 面積 
4,000 ft2

Consumption cultures in China is getting more lifestyle oriented in recent years. That’s why many restaurants tend to more emphasize on their environment and brand images nowadays, in order to target the changing market. In this project, 5DS design team was in charge of the restaurant’s interior design and help the client to build up a young and stylish image by decorating the restaurant’s environment.

To highlight the energetic, casual, and elegant style of the restaurant, a group of ring shape lights are set on the red wall to welcome customers with a delightful ambience. A big and eye-catching word “Xian”, which means fresh, is decorated on the white wall, to tell customers here offers a great feast. To catch up with the modern design concept, the dining area is decorated in a simple and comfortable style with a blend of wooden textures. Different clean line designs, such as the wooden fences, checkered decorations on both ceilings and walls between dining tables, are added into the restaurant to create a stylish and modern atmosphere.

The whole dining area is divided into large tables section and small tables zone. The style of large tables zone gives a high end feeling with a perfect combination of lighting setups. The ball shapes hanging lights match the rounded decorations hanging on concrete walls and all elements complements each other. For the small tables zone, pale colours are used, and fences are set between tables, to create a relaxing environment with high privacy. Both sections are design differently and have own style, but surely that customers can enjoy their gatherings and meals no matter where they sit.





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