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SL International Artist Training Academy 

Location 地點
Leighton Centre, Leighton Road, CWB, HK

Client 客戶

Category 類別
Hostibility 服務業

Nature 性質
Interior Design + Contracting
室內設計 + 工程

Area 面積 
3,000 ft2

Painters need canvas. Performers also need stages. A good performance venue plays a critical role on enhancing the psychological interactions between the artist and the audience. While both sides are also important, SL International Artist Training Academy more focuses on artist’s expression, and its interior is literally helping artists to create tension in performance, as well as stimulating their creative minds. With an exceptionally simple layout and colour tone, the entire space creates a blank stage for artists to freely express themselves and encouraging to add their unique colour into the performances.


To make sure the whole area is “blank” enough to be the canvas for artists, straight and simple lines are used to decorate the place to give a dynamic feel.  Their irregularity can also bring a highlight to any musical or dancing performance. Under the strong lights with irregular lines, artist’s visuals are even stimulated, and the environment looks more futuristic.

表演藝術強調藝人與觀眾的心理交流,當中牽涉的表演場地會直接影響雙方心理狀況。SL 國際藝人練習生統訓學院相對着重藝人方面的藝術體現,因此其室內設計亦重視如何幫助藝人發揮表演張力及刺激創作靈感。整個設計以簡約的用色與布局,為藝人呈現一個任由發揮的舞台,如一個空白的畫板,讓他們在畫板添上獨特色彩,創作出各色各樣的藝術。



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