The Capri

Location 地點

The Capri, Tseung Kwan O, HK
香港 將軍澳 唐賢街33

Client 客戶



Completed Date 完成日期

January 2018

Category 類別

Residential 住宅

Nature 性質

Interior Design + Contracting

室內設計 + 工程

Area 面積 

800 ft2

The owners of luxury apartments are not always seeking ostentatious status in a show-off style, and the design in this project, while offering modern settlements, maintains a tastefully low-key design displaying a chic aesthetics in its interiors.

The blend of warm colour scheme and marble walls in the living room, forms a low-key luxury and elegant look, and golden lines shine against the white background to give a modern and chic feel. Cupboards and the TV cabinet with curved edged designs embellishes the environment. All elements mixes with the wooden floors presents a fusion of simple and luxurious style to the home.

The design perfectly balances both aesthetics and functionality, by adding plenty of hidden storages to make the place looks neat and tidy. Cupboards with floor to ceiling design are used in both living room and master room, to hide home stuff and their simple designs seamlessly integrate into the whole space.