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VIP Lounge @ ACGHK

Location 地點
45 Pottinger Street, Central, HK
香港 中環 砵甸乍街45

Client 客戶

Category 類別
Hospitality 服務業

Nature 性質
Interior Design 

Area 面積 
6,000 ft2

All gamers know the game itself does not guarantee a good gaming experience, but settings and environment play a critical role in highlighting the game features and feels. In the design of VIP Lounge at ACGHK, 5DS design team offer an exclusive gaming environment for those advanced gamers with a higher standard. To enhance the game feel and allow gamers to enjoy and perform well in the virtual world, the interiors show a high-end and futuristic style by combining geometric and sci-fi elements.

The design is inspired by the imagination of triangles, which have a unique shape to create a main support of many amazing architectures. Its special shape also widely used in science fictions to symbolise danger and mystery. That’s why the design team put many triangular elements in this project to create a sci-fi style, in which the triangles surrounding the seats abstractly portray different shapes, like diamonds, hills or mirrors. The triangular decorations on the ceilings also add a modern and stylish feel into its interiors.

To create a tense atmosphere, two dark and low saturated colours black and silver colours are mainly used in the whole environment. Gamer’s attentions are also further increased due to the plain and simple colour tone. The bluish-purple lightings complement the plainness and perfectly combine with silvery surfaces to allow gamers to immersive in this exclusive game zone.





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