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"Architecture is really about well-being.

I think that people want to feel good in a space."

- Zaha Hadid



"The details are not the details. They make the design."

- Charles Eames

Meet The Team


Jacky Li

Director & Co-founder


Johnny Wong

Design Director & Co-founder


Issac Lam

Project Director & Co-founder


Bobby Kok

Project Manager

Chinese Mansion

Chinese Mansion

Inspired by the feature of ancient Chinese architecture, which has an exceptional emphasis of building arts and aesthetic implications, this project is presented in an artistic way that combines both traditional Chinese and contemporary cultures seamlessly by presenting their common features, including textures, layouts and aesthetic standards.


The blend of wooden and marble textures that is often used in both Chinese and modern style creates an elegant interior and keeps a consistent style in the whole building. Black, grey and white colours are mainly used with clean-lined designs to add a modern feeling as well as make the interiors look more formal. The elegance is presented in a calm and peaceful way, and not giving people a feeling of “showing off”. This feeling complies the unique pursuit of “ambience” in Chinese aesthetic concepts.

Concept of Interior


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